An Aussie, an American, a Kiwi, two Canucks and a Brit are taking us on a road trip across New South Wales with the itinerary being decided by you. Follow their adventure here or sound off on where they should go on our Facebook wall at


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Last day at Port MacQuarie. Waves in the morning. You haven’t surfed NSW without been schooled by a surfer chick. Topped off with some pancakes. Yeow! Manly here we come…

A special long distance challenge has been sent to the #unmapped team all the way from California, U.S.A from Kelly’s husband John.  

Dozer hanging with some surfers at Surfest.

Take a look behind the scenes at the Newcastle Surfest competition!

The judging room houses 7 judges (3 Aussies and 4 internationals) that are hard at work, watching every move.

The announcement room was a bit like a party, where the commentators are laughing their way through the afternoon, and keeping the crowd up to date.

The production van holds 5 team members that are busily creating a live stream of the competition that is broad casted across the globe. I found this room the most interesting, because there was just so much going on at once that I could hardly take it all in. How do they do it?

The mens finals are taking place as I type, and I’m excited to see who wins!

Willian Cordozo vs. Filipe Toledo

Watching my first surfing competition

This was a little unexpected at a surfing competition, but I liked it.

Rainy day, surfing competition

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