An Aussie, an American, a Kiwi, two Canucks and a Brit are taking us on a road trip across New South Wales with the itinerary being decided by you. Follow their adventure here or sound off on where they should go on our Facebook wall at


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Horseback riding in the hills of Nimbin, a free-spirited, artistic and alternative village in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia.  Such stunning landscape, especially in the early morning mist, and quite fun to gallop through the fields (or was it just a fast trot? hmm… probably trotting)

photo of Ben Vadasz, Kelly Harmon, Josh Huculiak, Allan Davey at Nimbin Horse and Cart, and Kyle Bell

The speed… The thrill… The experience of my first toboggan race at the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. I decided the hand brake was merely a suggestion, and instead leaned into the turns and tried to gain as much aerodynamics as possible. Now, if only there was a way to slide pass the other tobogganers.

I just had my very first hot air balloon experience with Balloons Aloft! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be pretty cool. We even saw a little family of kangaroos, just before we landed.

MTV filming our NSW travel documentary view from the edge of the escarpment Kelly Harmon & Alison Wonderland John, Kelly, Josh and Kyle

Exploring the rainforest from high above the trees at ILLAWARRA FLY TREETOP WALK, a 500 meter long, 25 meter high swaying suspension bridge in the southern highlands of New South Wales, Australia.

The spectacle that is Guinea Pig Racing! run little guinea pigs... RUN! excitement of calling the races guine pig hurdles lending a helping hand breakfast at the Loaded Dog Cafe

GUINEA PIG RACING in Grenfell, possibly the friendliest town in New South Wales, Australia.

A little early-morning wave crash action at Werri Beach, New South Wales. It might be hard to wake up before sunrise, but it’s entirely worth it to see those rays hitting the surf.

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